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  • Product Lifecycle: Beta
  • Module Name: netflix-spectator-py

This module can be used to instrument an application using Counters, Distribution Summaries, Gauges, Timers, and Percentile Timers using a dimensional data model.

The generated metrics are periodically sent to an Atlas Aggregator.

Install Library

Install the library from PyPI:

pip install netflix-spectator-py

Instrumenting Code

from spectator import GlobalRegistry



The import of theGlobalRegistry will start a daemon thread that will publish metrics in the background. The cache will be flushed upon normal interpreter termination using atexit, with the following exceptions:

  • The program is killed by a signal not handled by Python.
  • A Python fatal internal error is detected.
  • When os._exit() is called.

If you do not want the GlobalRegistry to automatically start at module import, then set the following environment variable:


With this configuration, you will have to manually call the GlobalRegistry.start() and GlobalRegistry.stop() methods. Failure to do so will prevent metric publishing.

Common Tagging

This library does not add the nf.node tag to the published metrics. If you need it, remember to add it.

Gunicorn Preload

If you are using this library while running behind Gunicorn, make sure that you do not use the --preload flag, because it can cause issues with how the background thread operates due to loading the application code before the worker processes are forked.

On the Paved Path, with EzConfig, that is achieved with the following configuration:


Netflix Integration

Add the internal configuration for the Spectator Python client, so that it can send metrics to an Atlas Aggregator cluster. Replace SMARTIPROXY_HOSTNAME with the hostname of the internal SmartiProxy service.

pip install -i https://SMARTIPROXY_HOSTNAME/pypi netflix-spectator-pyconf