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This implements a basic Spectator library for instrumenting C++ applications and sending metrics to an Atlas aggregator service.

Install Library

  1. TBD

  2. If running at Netflix, see the Netflix Integration section.

Instrumenting Code

#include <spectator/registry.h>

// use default values
static constexpr auto kDefault = 0;

struct Request {
  std::string country;

struct Response {
  int status;
  int size;

class Server {
  explicit Server(spectator::Registry* registry)
      : registry_{registry},
        request_count_id_{registry->CreateId("server.requestCount", spectator::Tags{})},
        response_size_{registry->GetDistributionSummary("server.responseSizes")} {}

  Response Handle(const Request& request) {
    using spectator::Registry;
    auto start = Registry::clock::now();

    // do some work and obtain a response...
    Response res{200, 64};

    // Update the counter id with dimensions based on the request. The
    // counter will then be looked up in the registry which should be
    // fairly cheap, such as lookup of id object in a map
    // However, it is more expensive than having a local variable set
    // to the counter.
    auto cnt_id = request_count_id_->WithTag("country",
                      ->WithTag("status", std::to_string(res.status));
    request_latency_->Record(Registry::clock::now() - start);
    return res;

  spectator::Registry* registry_;
  std::shared_ptr<spectator::Id> request_count_id_;
  std::shared_ptr<spectator::Timer> request_latency_;
  std::shared_ptr<spectator::DistributionSummary> response_size_;

Request get_next_request() {
  return Request{"US"};

int main() {
  spectator::Registry registry{spectator::GetConfiguration()};


  Server server{&registry};

  for (auto i = 1; i <= 3; ++i) {
    // get a request
    auto req = get_next_request();


Netflix Integration

Copy the file from the netflix-spectator-cppconf repository in Stash to a directory where your sources reside.