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It is recommended to avoid using special symbols or trying to encode structural information into tag values. This feature should be used sparingly and with great care to ensure it will not result in a combinatorial explosion.

Perform decoding of the legend strings. Generally data going into Atlas is restricted to simple ascii characters that are easy to use as part of a URI. Most commonly the clients will convert unsupported characters to an _. In some case it is desirable to be able to reverse that for the purposes of presentation.

  • none: this is the default. It will not modify the legend string.
  • hex: perform a hex decoding of the legend string. This is similar to url encoding except that the _ character is used instead of % to indicate the start of an encoded symbol. The decoding is lenient, if the characters following the _ are not valid hexadecimal digits then it will just copy those characters without modification.

Since: 1.5


Hex to ASCII