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Restricts the maximum value of the output time series to the specified value. Values from the input time series that are less than or equal to the maximum will not be changed.

A common use-case is to allow for auto-scaled axis up to a specified bound. The axis parameters for controlling the axis bounds have the following limitations:

  • They apply to everything on the axis and cannot be targeted to a specific line.
  • Are either absolute or set based on the data. For data with occasional spikes this can hide important details.

Consider the following graph:

Original Data

The spike makes it difficult to make out any detail for other times. One option to handle this is to use an alternate axis scale such as logarithmic that gives a higher visual weight to the smaller values. However, it is often easier for a user to reason about a linear scale, in particular, for times when there is no spike in the graph window. If there is a known max reasonable value, then the :clamp-max operator can be used to restrict the line if and only if it exceeds the designated max. For example, if we limit the graph above to 25:

Original Data