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This page is a reference for the tags API provided by Atlas.



Query Parameters

Callback (callback)

If the format is json, the callback is used for providing JSONP output. This parameter is ignored for all other formats.

Format (format)

Specifies the output format to use. The default is json.

Value Description
json Outputs the graph data as a JSON object.
txt Uses mime-type text/plain so it will render in the browser.

Limit (limit)

Maximum number of results to return before paging the response. If the response is paged a x-nflx-atlas-next-offset will be set to indicate the next offset. Pass the value with an offset param to get the next part of the list. If the header is not present there is no more data.

Offset (offset)

If the response is paged this param is used to indicate where the next request should pick up from.

Query (q)

Query expression used to select a set of metrics and manipulate them for presentation in a graph. The query expression can use query and std commands described in the reference.