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Garbarge Collection

Node.js runtime garbage collection metrics, provided by spectator-js-nodejsmetrics.


Common Dimensions

The following dimensions are common to the metrics published by this module:

  • nodejs.version: The version of the Node.js runtime.


The rate at which the app is allocating memory.

Unit: bytes/second


The size of the old_space after a major GC event.

Unit: bytes


The maximum amount of memory the nodejs process is allowed to use. This is primarily used for gaining perspective on the liveDataSize.

Unit: bytes


The time it takes to complete different GC events.

Event categories:

  • scavenge: The most common garbage collection method. Node will typically trigger one of these every time the VM is idle.
  • markSweepCompact: The heaviest type of garbage collection V8 may do. If you see many of these happening you will need to either keep fewer objects around in your process or increase V8's heap limit.
  • incrementalMarking: A phased garbage collection that interleaves collection with application logic to reduce the amount of time the application is paused.
  • processWeakCallbacks: After a garbage collection occurs, V8 will call any weak reference callbacks registered for objects that have been freed. This measurement is from the start of the first weak callback to the end of the last for a given garbage collection.

Unit: seconds


  • id: The GC event category.


The rate at which data is being moved from new_space to old_space.

Unit: bytes/second