Input Stack:
v: String
k: String
Output Stack:
(k=~/^v/): Query


Regular expressions can be expensive to check and should be avoided if possible. When designing data to publish ensure that common query patterns would not need the use of regular expressions.

Select time series where the value for a key matches the specified regular expression. For example, consider the following query:


When matching against the sample data in the table below, the highlighted time series would be included in the result set:

ssCpuUser alerttest i-0123
ssCpuSystem alerttest i-0123
ssCpuUser nccp i-0abc
ssCpuSystem nccp i-0abc
numRequests nccp i-0abc
ssCpuUser api i-0456

The regular expression value will be automatically anchored at the start and the matching is case sensitive. Always try to have a simple prefix on the expression to allow for more efficient matching of the expression. For more information on supported patterns, see the Java regular expressions documentation.