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Explore a Mantis Job locally


JDK 8 or higher

Build and run the synthetic-sourcejob sample

This job outputs request events sourced from an imaginary service. The RequestEvent data has information such as uri, status, userId, country etc. Data Source Jobs are mantis jobs that allow consumers to filter the raw stream down to just the events they are interested in. This filtering is done by specifying an MQL query while connecting to the sink.

Clone the mantis repo:

$ git clone

Run the synthetic-sourcejob sample via gradle.

$ cd mantis/mantis-examples/mantis-examples-synthetic-sourcejob
$ ../../gradlew execute

This will launch the job and you would see output like

2019-10-06 14:14:07 INFO  StageExecutors:254 main - initializing io.mantisrx.sourcejob.synthetic.stage.TaggingStage
2019-10-06 14:14:07 INFO  SinkPublisher:82 main - Got sink subscription, onSubscribe=null
2019-10-06 14:14:07 INFO  ServerSentEventsSink:141 main - Serving modern HTTP SSE server sink on port: 8436

The default Mantis sink is a ServerSentEvent sink that opens a port allowing anyone to connect to it and stream the results of the job. Look for a line like

Serving modern HTTP SSE server sink on port: 8436

The source job is now up and ready to serve data.

Let us query for requests from countries where the status code is 500. Such an MQL query would like like this.

select country from stream where status==500

In another terminal window curl this port

$ curl "localhost:8436?subscriptionId=nj&criterion=select%20country%20from%20stream%20where%20status%3D%3D500&clientId=nj2"

Here the subscriptionId and clientId are any valid strings. They are used to tag events that match the query. The criterion parameter is the URLEncoded MQL query.

You should see events matching your query appear in your terminal

data: {"country":"Ecuador","mantis.meta.sourceName":"SyntheticRequestSource","mantis.meta.timestamp":1570396602599,"status":500}

data: {"country":"Solomon Islands","mantis.meta.sourceName":"SyntheticRequestSource","mantis.meta.timestamp":1570396603342,"status":500}

data: {"country":"Liberia","mantis.meta.sourceName":"SyntheticRequestSource","mantis.meta.timestamp":1570396603844,"status":500}

Next Steps