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Sine Function

The Sine function sample is a very simple job that generates a set of x and y coordinates of a sine wave.


A SineFunction Job Cluster exists.

Note If you are following the Mantis Cluster using Docker instructions this will be already set up.

Running the sample

  1. Go to the clusters page page and Click on SineFunction

  2. On the Job Cluster detail page. Click the Submit green button on the top right.

    This will open up a submit screen that will allow you to override Resource configurations as well as parameter values.

Submit Job1

Let us skip all that and scroll directly to the bottom and hit the Submit button on the bottom left.

Submit Job

View output of the job

If all goes well your job would go into Launched state.

Job Launched

Scroll to the bottom and in the Job Output section click on Start

You should see output of the Sine function job being streamed below

Oct 4 2019, 03:55:39.338 PM - {"x": 26.000000, "y": 7.625585}

Running Job

Terminate the job

To stop the job click on the red Kill Job button on the top right corner.

Next Steps

  • Explore the code

  • Checkout out the other samples