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Genie 3.0.0 Release Update

Getting closer to Genie 3.0.0 Release

So if you’ve come to this page lately you might have noticed some changes to the layout and content. We’re slowly marching towards releasing Genie 3.0.0. At this point the only thing standing in the way is documentation.

The documentation has been slow in coming mostly cause we’re trying to do it right and not have to do another big bang documentation task in the future. Each Genie release build now auto updates its documentation on the releases page. This will help keep documentation in sync for releases. Additionally since the REST API documentation is done using Spring Rest Docs combined with our integration tests we should know if documentation gets out of sync once tests start failing.

Today we’ve updated the concepts content in the reference documentation. Hopefully soon we’ll have the reference documentation done for how to install and configure Genie. Once that is done we think we can FINALLY cut the release for Genie 3.0.0. Looking forward to it!

documentation 3.0.0