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Professionally publish your JavaScript modules in one keystroke

Key Features

Convince your manager (Why use Unleash?)

CLI Examples

Execute a Dry Run of Publishing a Patch Release

unleash -p -d


unleash --patch --dry-run

Execute a Patch Release

unleash -p


unleash --patch

Execute a Major Release

unleash -M


unleash --major

Execute a Minor Release to a Stash Repository

unleash -m -r stash


unleash --minor --repo-type stash

View which files will be published to NPM

This can be helpful in ensuring your package is being published with the least amount of files possible, while also ensuring you have all the files you need. We use this to eliminate files like .eslintrc and .tern-project.

unleash -ls


unleash --list-publishables

Git Commit Convention Examples

perf(pencil): remove graphiteWidth option
fix(graphite): stop graphite breaking when width < 0.1
feat(pencil): add 'graphiteWidth' option


# Global w/ latest stable release
npm i unleash -g


# Locally saved w/ exact version
npm i unleash -DE

Supported Version Types