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Compact in-memory representation of directed graph data

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Your memory footprint just shrank

NetflixGraph is a compact in-memory data structure used to represent directed graph data. You can use NetflixGraph to vastly reduce the size of your application’s memory footprint, potentially by an order of magnitude or more. If your application is I/O bound, you may be able to remove that bottleneck by holding your entire dataset in RAM. You’ll likely be very surprised by how little memory is actually required to represent your data.

NetflixGraph provides an API to translate your data into a graph format, compress that data in memory, then serialize the compressed in-memory representation of the data so that it may be easily transported across your infrastructure.


The NetflixGraph binaries are published to Maven Central.



A quick overview can be found either on the wiki or on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Since the blog article was published, a number of improvements have been made:


Detailed documentation of NetflixGraph's features and usage can be found on the wiki.

Javadocs are available here.


NetflixGraph is built via Gradle ( To build from the command line:
./gradlew build


Support can be obtained through the NetflixGraph google group

Authors and Contributors

(@dkoszewnik) Drew Koszewnik