Interface Summary
DeploymentContext An interface to define the deployment context of an application.
DynamicPropertySupport The interface that defines the contract between DynamicProperty and its underlying support system.
PolledConfigurationSource The definition of configuration source that brings dynamic changes to the configuration via polling.
PollListener The listener to be called upon when AbstractPollingScheduler completes a polling.
PropertyListener Listener that handles property event notifications.
WatchedConfigurationSource The definition of configuration source that brings dynamic changes to the configuration via watchers.
WatchedUpdateListener The listener to be called when a WatchedConfigurationSource receives an update.

Class Summary
AbstractDynamicPropertyListener An abstract PropertyListener for use by different components who need to listen for configuration changes.
AbstractPollingScheduler This class is responsible for scheduling the periodical polling of a configuration source and applying the polling result to a Configuration.
ChainedDynamicProperty The class that provides the chaining functionality of dynamic properties.
ClasspathPropertiesConfiguration A Conventional Standard based approach to modular configuration Assuming your application utilizes many modules (.jar files) and need Properties support, this class provides a convention based approach to scanning and loading properties from every jar in a classpath from a specific location.
ConcurrentCompositeConfiguration This class maintains a hierarchy of configurations in a list structure.
ConcurrentMapConfiguration This class uses a ConcurrentHashMap for reading/writing a property to achieve high throughput and thread safety.
ConfigurationBasedDeploymentContext An implementation of DeploymentContext based on system wide configuration set with ConfigurationManager.
ConfigurationManager The configuration manager is a central place where it manages the system wide Configuration and deployment context.
ConfigurationWithPollingSource This class delegates property read/write to an another configuration but is also attached with a dynamic configuration source and polling scheduler so that its properties can be changed dynamically at runtime.
DerivedStringProperty<D> Derives a complex value from a DynamicStringProperty.
DynamicBooleanProperty A dynamic property that contains boolean value.
DynamicConfiguration A configuration that polls a PolledConfigurationSource according to the schedule set by a scheduler.
DynamicDoubleProperty A dynamic property whose value is a double.
DynamicFloatProperty A dynamic property whose value is a float.
DynamicIntProperty A dynamic property whose value is an integer
DynamicLongProperty A dynamic property whose value is a long.
DynamicProperty A cached configuration property value that is automatically updated when the config is changed.
DynamicPropertyFactory A factory that creates instances of dynamic properties and associates them with an underlying configuration or DynamicPropertySupport where the properties could be changed dynamically at runtime.
DynamicPropertyUpdater Apply the WatchedUpdateResult to the configuration.
If the result is a full result from source, each property in the result is added/set in the configuration.
DynamicStringProperty A dynamic property whose value is a string.
DynamicURLConfiguration A DynamicConfiguration that uses a URLConfigurationSource and FixedDelayPollingScheduler.
DynamicWatchedConfiguration A configuration that waits for a watcher event from the specified config source.
ExpandedConfigurationListenerAdapter An ExpandedConfigurationListenerAdapter wraps an instance of PropertyListener.
PollResult This class represents result from a poll of configuration source.
PropertyWrapper<V> A wrapper around DynamicProperty and associates it with a type.
SimpleDeploymentContext An implemenatation of DeploymentContext with simple setters and getters.
WatchedUpdateResult This class represents the result of a callback from the WatchedConfigurationSource.
WebApplicationProperties This class helps in loading properties present in a typical web appplication.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary